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| Friday, May 10, 2013
Ok so after a massive panic attack and some food poisoning.  I have come to some conclusions.  So this is what you will be seeing here!

1. I will now be blogging without obligation!  What this means is that for books via Netgalley, Edelweiss, and those books sent to me via my review request form etc.  I will be reviewing them as I get to them.  I may or may not get to them before they are released.  I am done trying to finish a book in a day.  Speeding through it is just not fun!

2. For ALL TOURS!!  I will now and forever be doing HONEST REVIEWS!  What this means is that if I am on your tour and I review a book.  I will post that review regardless of the rating.  Each review will be tasteful and nice.  But the review will be posted.  I will no longer post a Promo etc if I am going to rate the book three stars and under.  I think this is dishonest and I will no longer go along with it.  If you can not agree with this I ask that you inform me and you can take me off of your tours.


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