Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do

| Sunday, May 12, 2013
What a child sees as everyday routine is anything but for a mom! Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do is a celebration of the unpredictable adventure that is motherhood with its sometimes silly, always heartfelt, and wonderfully important moments--all rooted in love. This sweet and amusing book will have book moms and kids smiling with recognition while spotlighting all the different ways a mom shows her devotion.

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Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do: Because She Loves Me Through and Through!With more than 325,000 copies sold of her last two books, Marianne Richmond is swiftly becoming a classic children's book author. Oh, the Things My Mom Will Do is a sweet, inspiring book that will speak straight to a parent's heart in the nuanced way we've come to expect from Marianne. Using heartfelt sentiments, Marianne showcases poignant moments that express the universal emotions all mothers feel. With Marianne Richmond's beloved artwork and insightful prose, this book beautifully illustrates what it really means to be a mom.

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About The Author
I’m Marianne Richmond — an author, artist and inspirationalist.
Seeker, questioner, observer, and teacher, too.
Wife to Jim.  Mom to Cole, Adam, Julia and Will.  And mostly-smitten owner of Otis, the supposed Sheltie/Maltese who looks like a  Border Collie.
I’m semi-extroverted and often-introverted, depending on the phase of the moon and who’s at the party.
I love to read, laugh, eat ice cream after the kids go to bed, re-arrange furniture at midnight and sleep in the sun.
I believe we are all divinely gifted in purposeful ways and that both our successes AND our setbacks keep us “on course.”
My ability is to write and speak for the “unique everybody,” offering words and emotion that resonate deeply within the heart,  inspire people to connect with themselves and others, and encourage them to appreciate their own potential.
I believe many of us are stuck or scared about how to say exactly what’s in our heart for fear of being critiqued, disliked, or disconnected.
I also believe it’s the very ability to truthfully reveal ourselves — and to value the journey of others — that leads to a richer, more meaningful life.

My two year old loves the book so much she slept with it lolWell I was going to be adding my copy of this book to the giveaway.  But unfortunately my 2 year old had other plans.  From the time that it came in the mail to even now.  She had commandeered the book and will not let it out of her sight.  This one as well as one other book also published by sourcebooks called Isabella she has been known to be found sleeping with them in her bed.  
So as for a review.  I had to wait until she fell asleep.  This one was so cute.  For kids it really reminds them as well as us moms that in the end we really do just about anything for them.  This book shows a few issues and troubles that go with being a mom.  Its really a fun book to share with the family! And kids of all ages and of course us moms will love to read it again and again to our kids. 

*A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*


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