Black and Blue from Best Selling Author Khelsey Jackson coming in Aug.

| Wednesday, April 17, 2013
He could taste her raspberry chapstick on his own lips as he deepened the kiss. He knew at that moment he would do anything for this girl in his arms; she made the sweetest noises as he kissed her. Henry moved his hands away from her face bringing them to her hair; he tangled his fingers around her long silky red locks while she slipped her hands into his back pockets.

He took his lips away from hers, but placed his forehead against hers. Jamie’s breathing matched his, fast and rough. Her eyes were still closed, but he realized she was shaking with sobs.

Henry moved a hand under her chin to force her face up to his. “Jamie, what’s wrong?” He wondered if she wasn’t feeling what he felt for her.

“W-what will we do if we get caught? My father will blame us on you, and you alone.” She asked with her eyes shut, and he grinned at her. He hoped if they got caught he was the only one that was brought to the tower; he didn’t want to think about her being tortured because of him. Henry was pretty sure her father would save her from that.

“Jamie, we don’t need to think about that right now. I just want to be with you, and I know that after tonight it will be harder for that to happen, but I am willing to try.” She opened her eyes, and he brushed away a few tears.

“I will fight for you Henry Roarke.” He could see the determination in her eyes.

“I am the one who will walk to the end of the earth for you.” He laughed and she rose her eyebrows at him. “Did you ever think you would like a blue?”

She smacked his chest. “You act like I have never seen a blue before. I was raised by my housekeeper, and she is a blue; you met her today.” Jamie reached into her back pocket, and pulled out a tube of chapstick; he smiled as he smelled raspberry.

Henry put his hands up in surrender, but his smile gave him away. “I like you like this; you aren’t a push over.” He figured she wouldn’t be, not with who her father was. He would have taught Jamie how to be strong, and independent.

“Whatever.” She mumbled, and his smile widened.

Fifty years after President Miller was assassinated and the second civil war ended, life has resumed. The two classes, Blacks and Blues, have to wear bracelets to identify one another and are not allowed to socialize with one another or they will be put into the tower. William Moore is of the Black group and in charge now. He only has one daughter that he has kept a secret. Now that Jamie has just turned eighteen she won’t be a secret for long.
Jamie Moore and her best friend Emily go to a club for her birthday. It isn’t the kind of club her father would approve of. It is called the No B Club; because you have to take off your identifying bracelets to get in. It’s a place where you can mingle with the other class without the hassle. A man with a pierced eyebrow, a lip ring and rich chocolate brown hair catches her eye and she is taken by surprise; after a night together she hopes he wears a black bracelet as she does.
When a new butler starts at the Moore’s residents, Jamie is told to stay in her room, but the new butler calls her downstairs. When Jamie realizes it is her Henry from the night before working as the butler, her heart is broken. She now knows they can’t be together or her father would have him killed.
But what if they could keep their relationship a secret? Could their love beat all the odds against them?
Coming Aug 2013

PictureI am from California. I moved to Minnesota when I was 11 years old. My grandmother raised my brother and I. When I was 18 I moved to the city of sin, Las Vegas NV. I met my handsome husband and the rest is history. 

I love to read, and read almost anything. Some of my favorites are Cynthia Eden, Megan Hart, A.M. Hudson, and Richelle Mead. Another thing I like to do is crochet, I make blankets for the members in my family that have babies! 


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