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| Monday, March 25, 2013
Some really nasty things have been said about the tours as well as myself (Jessica)  I am coming out to say that they are all lies.  As you all know bloggers stupid fight against spam where they use bots to detect spam sites.  Deleted not only The Cover Contessa a while back ago (which is finally back after a month) but also Contessa at the Crossroads (which I hope will be back before the month is up.) 

Well anyway it seems that one author that I booked a tour with wasn't paying attention to what she was buying.  Everyone who tours with me knows off the bat that all tours are non refundable. You book your run dates ahead of time and that once you pay you either can let the tour run or cancel with no refund.  

Well this author not only agreed to the run dates twice but then had her husband contact me demanding a refund.  She has spread nasty rumors about my site and friends.    She has been reported to both Facebook and blogger a few times.  So I hope they take care of it.  

If you find any posts about this or anything mean about me please flag it for me.  And let me know so I can get a copy before it is removed. Thank you.  

PS:  I want to make it clear as day that BROOKE is not nor ever has been a part of the tours.  She is a tour host and that is all.  I let her get onto my site since hers was down.  I feel very bad that she got dragged into all of this.  


1. Facebook has not closed down any of my pages!  I had all of our pages MURGED so that Brooke and me would only have 1 page to deal with. 

2. I have only EVER had 1 site taken down by blogger and I am in the process of having it restored.  This is the same thing that happened to the other site.  So it will be back it is just going to take time. 

3. I OFFERED to give that author a refund.  And she declined.  I am not going to mention names and address because I am bigger than that. Although she has an address circling the web.  

4. I am sorry to those who are touring with me right now.  I know that some of the sites that are posting do not have a crap ton of followers.  But you have to remember that you have to start somewhere.  

5. I will see you all at BEA I am not canceling and the tours will go on!!!  This will not stop me from doing something that I love to do.  I love reading and reviewing and if Photobucket would ever go back to their old format I would love to make better and nicer buttons for the tours.  Right now stuck with what I can find.  

6.  When Contessa at the Crossroads does come back  the tours will be changing.  To improve and make it so a situation like this can not happen ever again.  

7. In the end you just cant make everyone happy.  I am sorry that this author feels the need to spread lies about me and mine.  But the truth will win out it always does.  And I hope to see you all on the new site when I revamp it.  

Love you all who have supported me and brooke this year.  Dealing with our sites being down then merging our facebook pages etc.  It has been a hard road to travel.  But I know we will come out on top.  

Goddess Bless and Thanks!!


  1. Do you mind emailing me to let me know which author this was so I can make sure not to agree to tour her? Sorry this happened to you. I've come across a few crazies myself.


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