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| Tuesday, July 24, 2012
In the past month, I have received a ton of books from authors to read and review. Right now my shelves are stacked through August with books and I'm so happy to be able to read these books for these authors! I know how important it is for these books to get out there, after all, it's the only way authors can reap the benefits of their hard work. So, I happily accept these challenges from the authors. 
I wanted to share with you what I will be reading in the next two or three weeks. They may be books that you might not have heard of, but perhaps by my posting them here it will peak your interest to explore what they are all about!
My tackles for this week are the following books I received from authors who are also friends:

Rising is my friend Stephanie Judice's first book in her young adult Setti series. I am about half way through and I can tell you that this book keeps your interest. The characters are real and intriguing. And I love that the book is told from two points of view and how easy it is to tell them apart.
Hacienda Moon is my friend KaSondra Leigh's delve into a gothic novel of love, obsession and betrayal. She has graciously provided me with an ARC of this novel, which is scheduled to be released July 28, 2012 (stay tuned here for the launch party, it should be a blast). You may know of her young adult dystopian/paranormal novel:

An excellent read that I believe any lover of young adult fiction should jump into when they get the chance.

After I tackle the above two books, I will move on to these beauties:

Glimpse is Sara Daniell's first book in The Dweller's series. Isn't the cover gorgeous? Sara will provide me with an ARC of this book to read prior to the launch date for this novel, which is set for August 2012. You may know Sara's other series The Holly Nather Triology:

Rematch is book 1 of Janine Caldwell's Vortex Series. The second book, Double Fault, was published in April 2012:

Those are my reads for the next few weeks. I have a few from Net Galley that I also need to tackle, as well. Once I drive through these, I will certainly post my reviews. Then I'll let you know what I'll be reading next!


  1. Wow you are going to be very busy!!! They are lucky to get on your list and I'm sure they appreciate you :)

    1. And I didn't even list 1/2 of what I have. I have at least 6 more in the wings! OY! Thanks Julie!

  2. Yes, Julie! I feel very lucky to have Brooke! Hopefully, our bookish and otherwise friendship will only grow from our kindred interests. :)

    1. YAY! And I'm lucky you chose me to review your books! I am super excited to finish up the first and put up my review! EEK!

    2. You're excited?! Psshht. I feel momentum shifting, Brooke, and you're a part of that! So excited to get your feedback on book two to help me fine-tune everything. Oops--better get off the Internet and get to work! ;)


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