Review: Mea Culpa (Requiem #1.5) by Christine Fonseca

| Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Mea Culpa (Requiem Series, #1.5).Mea Culpa (Requiem Series, #1.5). by Christine Fonseca
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I would like to thank the author, Christine Fonseca, for providing me with an ARC of this story.
What can I say, as with Lacrimosa, Fonseca has done it again. She brings all your emotions to the surface, and this time in just five short chapters!
This story is told from Zane's point of view. It is the story of what happens after Nesy is injured and is on the verge of dying. It is the story of how Mykail and Zane save her.
I knew there was more to Zane's love of Nesy than just friendship. I could tell in his actions towards her during Lacrimosa. So it was no surprise to me that he agrees to go to Azza's rehlm to help save her. He loves her and needs her to live. I love seeing how Zane has tried so hard to conceal his emotions, to pretend they don't exist, when in actuality they do. His pain at possibly losing Nesy is palpable. It wraps itself around him and squeezes him, crushing him until he can take no more. It forces him to give up his memories of her so that she may still be, in turn crushing his very existance as he can no longer feel her presence. And, still, he vows to find her so that he may be sure her existance is real, that she still lives on, so that he may still attempt to feel his love for her.
I have never felt such powerful emotions as Fonesca brings about in her writing. It is lyrical, is is poetic, it possesses your soul. Another amazing piece of writing.
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