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Echo of an Earth Angel (Earth Angel #1)Echo of an Earth Angel by Sarah M. Ross
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Finally finsihed! Review to come later.
I was given an ARC of Echo of An Earth Angel by the author, Sarah Ross, in exchange for an honest review.
Tessa barely survived a horrifying shooting which claimed the lives of her mother and father. After 9 long months in the hospital and a miraculous she finally gets to go home. Only her recovery is more miraculous than she would have ever imagined. Soon she meets David, a rogue angel, who reveals to her the truth behind her recovery and her new found abilities which make her a target for Hunters.
I love the theme behind this story. A young woman has a near death experience and is saved by an angel only to become an angel herself.
Tessa is spunky and bright, and confused about why she can suddenly heal people with the touch of her hands. You watch her come into her powers and fall in love, when she thought love was dead.
David is a sweet, well meaning angel who took things too far. He falls hard for Tessa and believes she has the brightest soul he has ever seen. He doesn't mean to change her into an angel, but he accidentally take his healing too far and transfers the powers he has to her.
I like the attraction between the two main characters. It is insta-love, but it's hard to deny that such love does exist. It's hard to deny that love can transcend knowing someone for a long time.
The supporting cast of characters is only ok, in my opinion. Those you thought were good, turn out bad. Those who are bad are really bad, and sort of crazy at the same time. Those who are good are really good, and you see the depth of their caring.
Things that I had issues with in this book were the use of British colloquialisms for characters who live and were born in America and the fact that there is very limited narrative. The paragraphs are quite long, even when there is dialogue between characters. And I found that there was a lot of repetition. I understood the need for the characters to reflect upon what was happening, but the relationships started to become unbelievable because you rarely saw the characters interacting with each other. Instead, the interactions were described in long narratives that could have been broken up with more action.
All in all the story was interesting and I can see where the characters have room for growth. The end was very abrupt, but you can see how a sequel will definitely help the reader to work out the holes that were left by the sudden ending.
I give this book 3/5 stars.
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